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Industrial Police Headquarters

“Industry Friendly Policing for Discipline & Security”

MD. Mahabubor Rahman, BPM (Bar), PPM
Addl. Inspector General 
Bangladesh Police 

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Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun, BPM (Bar), PPM
Inspector General of Police
Bangladesh Police

Message from Chief of Industrial Police

MD. Mahabubor Rahman, BPM (Bar), PPM

Addl. Inspector General of Police

Industrial Police

It’s my immense pleasure to welcome you all on this  webpage of Industrial Police.

Industrial Police, imbued with the spirit of freedom and independence, has come through a paradigm shift and has become emblem of trust before all the stakeholders related to Industrial Police. As a part of establishing digital Bangladesh, the role of Industrial Police is also significant.

Industrial Police keeps a mentionable role to maintain peace & tranquility in the industry specially in the garments sector. All of we know that garments industry plays a vital role to the national economy of Bangladesh.

Industrial Police is a specialized Police unit of Bangladesh Police. Collecting advanced intelligence and adopting other necessary steps, Industrial Police ensures congenial working atmosphere in the garments sector. Day by day, we have been changing in every way and presently policing is pro-people, proactive, community oriented, technology based and sensitized to issues regarding human rights, gender and children.

Industrial Police mediates conflicts between the industry owner and the worker and provides security through patrolling. During this pandemic situation of COVID-19 the role of Industrial Police is immensely admirable.

Bangladesh Govt. has adopted innumerable numbers of initiatives and financial motivation to embellish industrial sector aheading “Vision 2041”. Meanwhile Govt. has announced hundred economic zone to the pertinent industrial places in the country. By this time Industrial Police has become emblem of trust to the all concerned.

I believe Industrial Police website will open a new era for all to reach our destination.

I wish this website a grand success.

Our Mission

"To ensure investment friendly working environment in the industrial sectors though technology-based and labor friendly policing"

Our Vision

"Industry friendly policing for discipline and security"

Police Activities
Crime Management
Internal Security:
Social Integration:
Performing Internationally:
শিল্প পুলিশ পরিচিতি

Bangladesh Police is the core law enforcement agency of Bangladesh. It is administered under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh. It plays the prime and pivotal role in maintaining law and order of the state. Though police is primarily concerned with maintaining law and order assuring security of public life and property. In Bangladesh, the formal and organized policing with varieties of activities as of today has come to this stage through lots of evolutions and developments across the long time……

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